2nd Forum: Fastforward on New Media Art

Posted on 05.11.2010



11.22.07 > 11.24.07

: Alex Adriaansens, V2 _Institute for the Unstable Media, Rotterdam / Montse Arbelo y Joseba Franco, Art Tech Media, Islas Canarias / Paul Brown, Computer Art Society, London / Antonio Caronia, Accademia di Brera, Milano / Mario Costa, Artmedia, Salerno / Geoff Cox, University of Plymouth, Plymouth / Amanda McDonald Crowley, Eyebeam, New York / Dieter Daniels, Ludwig Boltzmann Institute Media Art Research, Linz / Kelli Dipple, Tate Modern, London / Michele Emmer, Leonardo – ISAST, San Franscio / Rosina Gómez-Baeza Tinturé, Laboral – Centro de Arte y Creacion Industrial, Gijón / Johann Holland, Institute of Research and Innovation, Paris / Jon Ippolito, University of Maine, Orono / Yael Kanarek, Upgrade! International, New York / Simona Lodi, Share, Torino / Barbara London, MoMa – Museum of Modern Art, New York / Alessandro Ludovico, Neural, Bari / Emma Quinn, ICA – Institute of Contemporary Arts, London / Wonil Rhee, Curator, Seoul / Berta Sichel, Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofía, Madrid / Yuliya Sorokina, Curator, Alma-Ata / Valentina Valentini, Università degli Studi di Roma “La Sapienza”, Roma / Atsushi Wakimoto, Japan Media Arts Festival, Tokyo / Lori Zippay, Electronic Arts Intermix, New York
ADVISORY BOARD: Laura Bardier, Julia Draganovic, Marina Vergiani

The second edition of the INTERNATIONAL FORUM FASTWORWARD ON NEW MEDIA ART includes a number of events and debates designed to explore the analysis of the relationship between new media art documents and works. The commitment of the PAN Documentation Centre to set up an art archive – and in particular to establish a collection of digital art works – is combined to the goal of promoting a reflection on the variety of experiences and on the subjective nature of research in the field of new media. Today, manifestations of digital arts concern disciplines, works, museum institutions, research and documentation centres, but also methods and instruments for communication and education to art. This year the INTERNATIONAL FORUM widens its scope and becomes one of the cultural initiatives promoted by the city in the framework of participation in the Universal Forum of Cultures of Monterrey. The venue has not changed, but the contents have grown and look fast forward, indeed FASTFORWARD ON NEW MEDIA ART, to 2013, the year for which Naples has submitted its candidature to host the major event promoted by the Unesco.
It is a choice which goes hand in hand with the will to record informed experiences and opinions on the development of production processes, archive systems, curators’ approaches and exhibition projects dedicated to the new media arts. In particular, in this edition contemporary art merges with other art languages and touches the most urgent issues of the contemporary world, mixing its experimental and multimedia languages and collecting contributions distributed across the four themes which constitute the conceptual core of the Universal Forum of Cultures: peace, sustainable development, cultural diversity and know-how.

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