Laura Bardier (Montevideo, 1976) is an art curator and art consultant based in New York. Currently collaborating with the Estrellita B. Brodsky private art collection,  previously she collaborated  with the Jonathon P. Carroll private art collection. On the 2002 Laura Bardier worked with the Municipality of Napoli to develop the idea and the project of the first civic center for contemporary art. Her work was related to recommended approaches and strategies for preserving contemporary artworks, that should be a public shared resource collectively and continuously updated. On March 2004 the PAN | Palazzo delle Arti Napoli was inaugurated. From the 2004 to the 2008 Laura Bardier worked as Curator and Project Manager at PAN | Palazzo delle Arti Napoli, to create a model for a distributed network of artists, critics and theorists, integrating media production with training in theory and research. She contributed to develop a container for documenting the history of contemporary artistic culture, where to produce an ongoing construction of archives, services, tools and products of information and communication for the public access.

Her interest in contemporary art grows from a childhood spent among manufacturing industries and museums of all kinds, to her current involvement with artistic practices that occur today, as she is concerned in what is next and how we will get there. Artists have a way to look into our present, often playing and opening possible future scenarios. As Luis Camnitzer says, “art is a method to acquire and expand knowledge”: understanding such process and making it accessible is key to my curatorial endeavors. Her curatorial approach and sensibility drives her to rethink formats, while working very closely with artworks and artists, in conceiving diversified and interdisciplinary programs and projects. Being aware of the curatorial risks, she seeks to reach ideas and concepts that might be in their evolutive stages through exhibitions that challenge and stimulate. Her intellectual attention is focused on the possible communication between Art, Politics and its Audience, that define contemporary facts and situations from a specific rather than a generic point of view. In particular, her work is directed towards the creation and management of strategic innovative methods covering the full range of activities of contemporary art organizations. Since the beginning of her studies in Italy, she has been also interested in the questions regarding theory, criticism and documentation of contemporary art: methodology, terminology, conservation and the possible perspectives for the future by using cutting-edge technologies. She has an M.F.A. in New Media Arts at the Donau University (Krems, Austria).

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